1. Choose Company from the first screen.
  2. Click Register from the top right corner
  3. Fill the form and click the blue Register Button.
  4. A confirmation message states that the account has been created and an email is sent.
  5. In the activation email, click the blue Activate button.
  6. The activate button takes you to the matching tool with a confirmation message. Now you can Login.

Company Profile

  1. After a successful login you are at the company home page. Click the Edit button on the left.
  2. Type a description of the company and click Save Changes.


  1. Click the Add Position button on the top right part of the page, fill in the position title and description and click Add.
  2. Click on the position title to open the details. Click Available Skills to select needed skills for the position.
  3. Click the green (add) icon to add skills needed for the position.
  4. On the needed Skills tab, you can select language level (for language skills) and tick the yellow box if a skill is required (Will not match candidates without a required skill). You can also select any of the above information to limit the matched candidates.
  5. Click on the Matches button to see all candidates meeting the position’s requirements.

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